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Agent Noir Electro Erotic Neon Wand Kit
If your fantasies have ever included being a secret agent, sneaking through Checkpoint Charlie by th..
ElectroErotic Neon Wand - Red Handle Purple Electro Stimulator
Kinklab Neon Wand Red Handle Purple. A state of the art electro stimulation device perfect for seaso..
Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Deluxe E Stim Kit
Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Deluxe E-Stim Kit. Give your sex life a charge with the incredib..
Limited Edition Shock Therapy
Warning: Current must never flow through the heart. Do not use if you have a pacemaker, are pregnan..
Little Devil Electric Toy
~~A nice little compact electrical toy! When the two spikes contact skin, they give off a mild to fa..
Massera Sonik Electro Stimulation Massager Therapy
~~Massera Sonik Electro Stimulation Massager Therapy. Art of Swedish massage. This handheld massage ..
Mystim Barry Bite Bi-Polar Nipple Clamps
Mystim e-stim nipple clamps Barry Bite. These bi-polar electro conductive body clamps create a tingl..
$74.95 $54.95
Mystim Big John Butt Plug - Large - Electrosex
Note: Please note: this is an attachment for the Tension Lover Kit or Pure Vibes Kit. This does not ..
$169.95 $125.00
Mystim Electrode Glue For TENS Units
Mystim Electrode Adhesive Glue Gel for TENS Units. Electro conductive adhesive, electrode doesn't ha..
$19.95 $12.95
Mystim Julian Vaginal Probe
Mystim's Julian is a vaginal probe that originated in the medical branch. His light weight and organ..
Mystim Mighty Merlin Dagger Dildo
The Mystim Mighty Merlin Dagger Dildo is made from medical grade aluminum and can be used with the T..
$259.95 $199.00
Mystim Plunging Pete Corona Strap & Urethral Sound
For the fancy: with this 24K gold-plated urethral sound flanked by two golden balls, the Plunging Pe..
$121.95 $88.00
Mystim Self Adhesive Electrodes 40mm X 40mm 4 Pads
Mystim Self Adhesive Electrode Pads for TENS Units 40mm x 40mm. Self-adhesive electrodes, re-us..
$15.95 $11.50
Mystim Tension Lover eStim Power Unit
Mystim Tension Lover. With the Tension Lover power unit you can discover an endless stimulation, whi..
$204.95 $169.00
Mystim The Goldfather Conductivity Enhancer
The Goldfather Conductivity Enhancer, from Mystim, is a high-quality conducting gel containing pure ..
Mystim Tickling Truman Estim Vibrator Black
The first of his kind: Tickling Truman is unprecedented, because Mystim E-Stim Vibes are the first a..
$209.95 $147.00